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Every member gets one FREE body scan. This is a great way to watch your progress. We recommend getting one every 3-6 months to see your amazing transformation. Ignore the scale and focus on these scans that show your inches and total body fat lost. Click the Schedule Time button to schedule your body scan with our amazing new STYKU 3D Body Scanner and prepare to be amazed!

Client Testimonials

“We chose to partner up with Styku because they have the best 3D imaging hardware and user friendly software on the market. Working with their team has been an extremely pleasant experience.”

GREG MAURER VP of Fitness Workout Anytime

“The Styku has a certain “wow” factor about it that can easily add revenue to any type of gym, or health clinic. It has a tremendous amount of perceived value that will help any consumer justify paying even $50 for a one-time scan. It truly is one of the most high-tech body scan devices that I’ve ever seen or worked with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating the Styku.”

JORDAN CONNER Cofounder Kubex

“The risk assessment tab has been very motivating for some clients. Seeing that they are at risk for disease based off their body scan has launched several of my individual clients into action. And I'm happy to report that they are improving week over week. I would hands down recommend this product. If you're looking to take your business and your clients to the next level, then this piece of equipment could be the missing piece. What gets measured gets improved.”

MARLY PAULUS Owner BodymetRx

“I first encountered Styku at IHRSA and immediately fell in love with the product; I purchased on the spot. We then seamlessly implemented Styku into our facility, resulting in immense growth, not only by bringing in new clientele, but retaining them as well. No other assessment tool has been able to engage my members like Styku them not only a 3D scan, but also an experience vital to their growth with Stafford”

AARON STAFFORD Owner Stafford Wellness

“Members are amazed. They love the scan itself, but really are impressed with the reports provided. The reports give them concrete numbers to work towards improvement. With the addition of Styku, a member really can see the changes. The reality that “It is working,” keeps them motivated. This has helped us retain members and translates to an improvement in our bottom line at the gym. Another difference I’ve experienced with Styku is the support team. I can personally call a member of the Styku team and get an answer back quickly. Weather it’s a technical problem, or needed marketing support, they are “there for you.”

LINDA COOK Franchisee World Gym

“I’ve been very happy with the product and how easy it is to incorporate into personal training and weight loss programs. The staff find it easy to use and enjoy the added benefit of being able to tell a client, “See, I am helping you reach your goals. This increases business for them.We have athletes training for triathlons that use it, we have senior citizens and young college kids all signing up to use this new tool. We love it.”

LEIGH S. FONTES Sr. Member Experience Director YMCA Hockomock