Caden Henderson

Caden has his certification through Body Design University, with 88 hours of hands on training and a 40 hour internship with some of the top trainers in the nation. He also has a certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine. His desire is to help you feel and look amazing, as you relieve stress and get the results you have dreamed of. Join over a hundred clients he has helped achieve their goals. Text or give him a call today!


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J.T. Jones

J.T. started his fitness journey 8 years ago and since then has gathered extensive amounts of knowledge on how the body works and how to get his clients the results they wish to receive. He specializes in strength training along with weight loss and body sculpting. With his many years of gym based learning paired with an ISSA personal training certification J.T. will get you into the physical shape you desire. He is very safety oriented your wellbeing is his number one priority he has been quoted as saying “If my clients don’t succeed I don’t feel that I succeed.” He isn’t a trainer who will just bark out workouts he will find what best suits your ability and along the way teach you why the body responds the way it does to the exercise.

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Reviews from satisfied clients:

"My daughter has worked with all 3 trainers at one point or another. Her being a shy 12 now 13 year old I was worried about how she would do and how she would connect with the trainers. She has blossomed in her strength and fitness levels and in her own self confidence. I have heard her encouraging others repeating words of encouragement she has heard from her trainers. I am impressed with each trainer taking time to connect and implement strong values and a strong mind along with strengthening her body. I love that during this tough time of adolescence she can look in the mirror and love what she sees. Caden has a bunch of awesome sayings that have helped her to believe in herself and push through hard things in the gym and in the real world. "He always believes in me," is something she always says. J.T. joins in and turns the workout into a game and a competition all while encouraging her. "He's so fun to talk to and he's really nice. He thinks I'm super strong." Codi has been working with her currently and slowed things down and is fine tuning her form. Codi has also shown her that you can be beautiful kind and feminine and still be strong. This is a great lesson for my little tomboy. She tells me "I'm stronger than I think I am". I encourage anyone who is looking into getting a trainer to visit with all 3 and see who you connect with. This is an investment in yourself mind and body. They all have a special way of encouraging others and lifting them up." - Whitney G.

JT always has a smile on his face while pushing and encouraging me to accomplish my goals; which, my goal that day might be me just making it through one of his workouts! Working with JT has given me the confidence to move around the gym and get the most out of the equipment and facility. Within the first month I had already lost 3% body fat and a desire to push myself even harder. I enjoy learning and really appreciate the time that he takes to explain techniques and the science behind why it works. The knowledge and self-confidence I have gained allows me to have a better body image and desire to work on myself not only at the gym but in my daily life. After all, “you are the only person on earth who can use your ability” – Zig Ziglar.”


“I started working with JT because I wanted to learn how to use the equipment in the gym and work on my strength. Most of the machines were very intimidating to me and I didn’t even know where to start. JT did an amazing job to help show me what machines did what and how to use them. He is great at keeping my workouts fun but also challenging. I now feel comfortable using the machines and can tell I’m getting stronger. I would recommend JT for anyone who wants to start working out but is not sure where to start or anyone that just needs to add something different into their workouts.”-Anonymous