Our Staff

Our amazing team is here to help you with all your health and fitness goals. They are specially trained in products that we sell in order to get you what your body needs to feel and look your best. They are also trained to assist you in learning the proper form and technique while using our gym equipment. Come in and say Hi!


Our Instructors

Each of our awesome teachers are educated in specific areas. Their skills make them the best trainers in their field. You will get amazing results from our Spin, Zumba, and Yoga instructors. We even offer Ballet to work your core and legs while still being super fun.

Our Athletes

Our Team Warrior members are sponsored athletes who we support and encourage during competition time. They excel in strength training and physique. We keep you posted on social media so you can watch their progress and support them. They are always available in the gym to show you great new techniques and give you pointers.


Our Owners

Our Owners are passionate about health and fitness. Their goals are to have a fun environment where people feel comfortable and accepted no matter what your fitness level is. They pride themselves on customer service. Born and raised in Vernal, they will always strive to improve the uintah basin and provide the community with high quality services.